Custom paw prints of your pet's paw!

All you need is a photo!

No paint! No stains! No mess! No smudges! Just a perfectly preserved and custom print of your pet's paw!

Three options to choose from:

Option A:

A printed 4x6 print without a frame so you can put it in a frame you already own and love!

(free pickup at the BRHS) or +$9 for shipping to anywhere in the continental US

Option B:

Ready-to-hang 4x6 print, framed behind glass in a classic pencil frame.

(free pickup at the BRHS) or +$9 for shipping to anywhere in the continental US

Option C:

A 4x6 digital file emailed to you so you can use on social media or print it yourself.

(file emailed to you)

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Paw Print Colour Option:
Paw Print Width:

How it Works:

  • Step 1: Choose your paw print colour from the chart below (click to view full size): (please note that monitor colours may vary from actual printed colours)
    Colour Chart

  • Step 2: Trim excess fur from around your pet's toes so the paw pads are fully visible and clean their paw thoroughly. Wetting down unruly hair can help to more fully expose the paw pads.

  • Step 3: Find a well-lit area with even-lighting so there are no harsh shadows on your pet's paw and it is well-lit.

  • Step 4: Take a photo of your pet's paw. Make sure the photo is well-lit, not blurry, and taken straight-on so all their toe beans are visible. It's helpful for one person to hold your pet while a second person takes the photo. Feel free to take and send multiple photos to be sure we've got a good one! (click to view full size):
    Photo Examples

  • Step 5: If you'd like your paw print to be "life-sized", simply measure the width of your pet's paw. If you aren't picky, we'll guesstimate the size.
    Measure the Paw

  • Step 6: Email your photo(s) to Include the paw width measurement, your name, your pet's name, and your phone number.

  • Step 7: Your custom paw print will be ready to pick up in about one week! We will call you to confirm it's ready.
    Not local? We can ship for to anywhere in the Continental US! Or a digital file can be emailed to you instead so that you can print it yourself!

Let's Get Started:

Paw Print Colour Option:
Paw Print Width:

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