I've always been a little bit "different"; not totally outright "weird", but definitely someone who marches to the beat of their own drum. I live and love passionately...though I'll never throw caution to the wind. I'm poetic, obnoxiously organized, hopelessly romantic, and at times overly eager about the littlest joys in life. I'm shy, but extremely bubbly, and while my head might be in the clouds, I'm a very down-to-earth person.

I have the honor of photographing lifetime milestones, including portraits, weddings, and growing businesses in the Brookings, Watertown, and Sioux Empire region. And while I, myself, am happy to keep my roots firmly planted, my designs have reached around the world for clients from all walks of life.

The name Choke Cherry is used in memory of my parents; they were vintners of a variety of wines, with the most popular being choke cherry, and back in the days of C.B. radio (citizen's band radio...think back to "Smokey and the Bandit") my father went by the handle "Bootlegger" and my mother was known as "Choke Cherry".


My philosophy might seem pretty straight forward: through my lens I capture the special moments and feelings you have right now, and present them back to you in heirloom art to enjoy and celebrate for a lifetime to come. But the soul which drives that philosophy runs a little deeper than that:

The ever-passing trends never tempted me because I've always lived with a fascination for the timeless; nostalgia without a decade time stamp. Because real memories don't make you regret aspects like whatever that hip insta-filter was a few years back. Real memories survive in the emotions we capture and they should stir themselves back up in your heart years from now, as fresh as the day you first felt them. Moments are fleeting, but the pride, the joy, the comfort, and the love you feel today can be eternal. Allow me show you.


I am dedicated to helping you every step of the way. I offer flexible scheduling, either on-location or in-studio with professional gear and lighting. We can even take the lights outdoors to create stunning sunset images and unique night-time portraits! From our very first meeting, I'll help you develop the vision for your session; with complimentary access to my exclusive session planning guides we'll plan the most flattering outfits, the best locations, and the perfect props. During your session, I will help guide you into natural poses, with genuine smiles and I'll take the time to fix stray hairs so you look your best! I also offer expert retouching, to truly elevate your portraits. After your session, I'll help you through the ordering process so you get the images you love on the products you want, I can even help you install your new art in your home!

I am proud to offer you my personal promise that you will love your photos or we'll re-shoot!


The best part of my job is getting to know my clients. To listen to each of their stories; their dreams, their memories, and, yes, even their struggles. Because often I find that you and I aren't so very different; we've all survived those weeks where nothing seems to go our way. But we've also shared real moments of pure joy, and laughter that took our breath away, and the happiest of tears realizing that our lifetimes don't have to be always perfect, since we will at least always have this one perfect moment.


contact@chokecherrydesign.com | 605.692.9286

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contact@chokecherrydesign.com | 605.692.9286

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